Counselling with Gianina Ardeleanu in Central London and Borehamwood
Working with Children, Young People & Adults

Professional Qualifications
CPCAB Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling
IATE Diploma in Counselling Children
CPCAB Certificate in Counselling Studies
IATE Certificate in Counselling Skills with Children and Adolescents using the Arts
CPCAB Certificate in Counselling Skills

Areas of Specialism

I work with both adults and children. For when there are no words to express your painful and unbearable feelings, I can facilitate expression through arts. I can enable you to give a voice to your experiences by using a sand tray, clay or paints.

I have a special interest in working with childhood fear and sadness, and also in traumatic relationships with important others in your life. The way you engage with people in your life it is a reflection of learned behaviours. If you are unhappy in romantic relationships or find it difficult to form meaningful connections, you don't have many friends or you find it hard to trust people, let's explore this together and learn new ways of being with others.

Do you feel insecure in relationships, always fearing that people don't like you or you feel that you don't deserve to be liked, do you lack a sense of worth, self esteem and confidence? Let me help you by exploring together different aspects of yourself, by trying to accept yourself and integrate your experiences in a more positive manner.

Do you feel that being a parent is the most challenging experience in your life? Do you have your child/children's best interests at heart, but sometimes it feels that whatever you do or say it's not good enough? Do you feel as you're failing as a parent? Is your relationship with your partner affected by different parenting styles? Call me and arrange a free initial meeting to see how we can move things forward.

You just had a child, but it feels like a struggle to enjoy motherhood. Do you feel sad or overwhelmed by emotions, tearful and on the edge? You might experience post natal depression. Call me and let's work through this together. If the symptoms are too intense and you feel that you or your baby is at immediate risk of serious harm, please call 999, go to the nearest A&E or visit your GP.

Personal Approach

I believe that we all have in us the innate capacity to self actualise- this might be a desire to achieve our full potential, to do our best in the work place, to be happy in relationships or to live a fulfilling and rich life. Each person has his own ideal in life, however sometimes we can get stuck and we become unhappy, sad, angry or overwhelmed by powerful emotions. Some of us might have low confidence or low self esteem, questioning our abilities from a position of worthlessness. Sometimes we turn to alcohol, drugs or food as a way to numb the pain we feel or in a desperate attempt with little chances of success to make ourselves feel better.
Counselling can help you deal with powerful and destructive feelings and thoughts, it can help you learn new healthy ways to live your life and to form meaningful relationships.
Counselling it's about connection and research shows that sharing with a caring other your problems, is beneficial.
I believe in an approach that's tailored to each individual, no two people are the same, so why should you receive services that are not around your unique needs?
In my work, I aim to offer a space that's confidential and non-judgemental, where you feel accepted and comfortable to voice your experiences.
I am informed by different approaches, I can work with CBT, Psychodynamic or Person-centered theories. I feel that being an integrative counsellor gives me flexibility and richness in the work that I do, looking through different theoretical lenses at your presenting issues allows us to find the best way forward for you, to tailor interventions that suit your needs best. Whatever approach I will be using in our work together, I want you to be comfortable with it, so therefore I will check with you first if you are at ease with my way of working.

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