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Frequently Asked Questions

How counselling can help?

Counselling can help by giving the client the space to address issues, concerns or emotional distress. Talking about things with someone who is impartial and offers unconditional attention and support can be healing and freeing. Also, counselling can help with clarifying and getting a new perspective on one's life, raising self awareness, building resilience and emotional robustness.

Often, clients who engaged in counselling sessions, leave with a better understanding of who they are and what they want in life, setting goals that are important for them and give them satisfaction.

Counselling can help with living life without a mask, to be comfortable with who you really are and you strive to be accepted for your true self and not for a false self that is imposed on you by society, family or friends.

Counselling can enrich your life, you can learn to live a joyful and fulfilling life, building meaningful and healthy relationships, reducing emotional distress and promoting mental well being.

Counselling it's a process, it takes time, but the benefits are nothing short of extraordinary. Counselling can save a great deal of distress and hardship, to you, your family and friends and society at large.

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